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HSM #12 - Special Occasion - 1810s evening bodice

Photo courtesy od Mme Chnantberry - Kostiumologia i Krawiectwo Artystyczne.
"Make something for a special event or a specific occasion, or that would have been worn to special event or specific occasion historically" - I didn't plan to make anything for this challenge really. Between work, university stuff and personal matters happening at once at the end of the year as always I knew I won't really have time to do anything "worthy" of a special occasion. 

Photo courtesy od Mme Chantberry
That being said, in the last days of November I got an invitation for a ball in Slavkow castle from my friends and last minute project happened after all. All of the materials came from my stash - gorgoeus taffeta was a gift from a dear friend (everybody knows I'm obsessed with all the shades of red, sigh) and I bought sequins several years ago for my embroidered regency gown. 

Photo courtesy od Mme Chantberry
The ball itself was lovely - from the gorgeous interiors of the castle itself to amazing people (I honestly met there some of the nicest people I ever encountered in my life). It was so nice to dance again, too! The only downsite was the lenght of it - it was shamefully short! But despite that it was worthy to travel all that way to get there. If any of you is considering a trip for that ball next year - I highly recommend to take a risk. Even that awfull kitchy mirror (it shows amazing craftsmanship and mad skills of it's maker, obviously) you can see below alone it's worth going all the way there.

And back


Wyzwanie: #12 - Specjalna okazja
Tkanina: Bordowa tafta jedwabna
Wykrój: mój własny
Rok: ok. 1812
Dodatki: jedwabne nici, haftki, złote cekiny
Poprawność historyczna: 90%. Jest uszyty całkowicie ręcznie, ale cekiny nie są metalowe choć powinny.
Czas szycia: Niewiele. 6-7 godzin.
Założona po raz pierwszy: 02.12.16r. 
Całkowity koszt: Tafta była prezentem, a cekiny pochodziły ze starych zapasów. Więc zasadniczo koszty były zerowe.

In summary:

The Challenge: #12 - Special Occasion
What is it?: Sleeveless evening bodice from 1810s
Fabric: Silk taffeta
Pattern: my own
Notions: silk thread, hooks and eyes, gold sequins
Year: 1812ish
How historically accurate is it?: 90%. It was done entirely by hand, but sequins sadly aren't metal as they should.
Hours to complete: Not a lot - around 6-7h 
First worn: 02.12.16
Total cost: Taffeta was a gift and spangles came from stash... So nothing really.

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